LMA Global provides a unique one-stop private label solution for our customers around the Globe.


LMA Global is a fully-integrated Research, Sourcing and Export facilitation business specialising in private label products for major wholesalers and retailers across the globe. We have experience across a large variety of products and categories, which, together with our extensive global network and strong manufacturing relationships, allows us to offer complete, start to finish private label solutions.

Supplier Vetting

In order to understand our Suppliers true capabilities, we put each and every one of them through a thorough Vetting process.

This process enables us to ensure our products are being manufactured in factories that can deliver products to the standard we have set. We have developed an in-depth Factory Audit process that spans detail such a financial stability, local authority compliance, social and ethical standards compliance through to quality management, self-audit capability, product design and testing and lead time management.

Appropriate Country

LMA Global sources goods from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Africa and Pakistan.

We use our Research and Extensive product and Market Knowledge to align your product with the appropriate manufacturer.

When deciding on which country and manufacturer to use with regards to sourcing and developing a product, some factors considered are:

  • What products do you require?
  • What are the product packaging requirements?
  • What materials are these made up of?
  • What quality is needed; entry, mid or exit price points?
  • What testing or compliance certificates are needed?
  • Who are your competitors and where are their products originating from?
  • What is the stability of the country?
  • What are your time-frames for manufacturing?
  • Are there lean manufacturing operations in place?
  • What does the supply chain entail from factory to port?