Export Facilitation

LMA Global provides a unique one-stop private label solution for our customers around the Globe.


The most challenging and stressful element of developing and sourcing products offshore is the ability to control the quality of your products and combine all the components and compliance certificates required to ship your product from the manufacturer to your distribution centre.

Our engineers on the ground, at the source, control both pre and post production quality, arrange all the necessary products compliance certifications and most importantly they will have your order shipped to you on-time.

Quality Control

Ensuring that our clients are supplied with reliable and high quality products is essential to our operations at LMA Global, and as a result we have implemented an array of stringent Product Inspection Procedures.

From physical inspections thorough to field testing, all of our products are put through tests and documented before they are approved for shipment. To achieve this, we use a combination of in-house and third party inspectors to independently assess the quality of our goods.

Product Certifications

We follow strict procedures in all the processes of our business to ensure our clients get the best quality products.

We have worked with a number of our factories to help them obtain WALMART Responsible Sourcing and Fire and Safety accreditation. Based on our customers’ requirements and product we can deliver the following certifications:






AIA Compliance




Load Testing

On-Time Shipping and Documentation

Combining our stringent logistics process and experience in gaining the correct and accurate documents allow us to make sure that your consignment is ready, the container is packed and shipped to the destination of your choice within the agreed time frame.

  • Supply the customer with a pro-forma invoice.
  • Deposits received – start the production process.
  • Product certification complete.
  • Execute sample verification both pre and post production
  • Once manufacturing complete an inspection is done before it will be allowed to ship.
  • Shipment is booked with customer forwarder or forwarder of our choice (Inco terms: FOB preferred).
  • Balance of the payment is to be paid by the customer on sight of BL (bill of lading), Certificate of Origin,  Commercial Invoice and Packing List.
  • Shipment is received by customer at port of destination.