New Product Development and Innovation

We plan the product development with our customers to support brand building.

This is done through the following steps:

1. Helping customers design a full range of branded products.

2. Ensuring the products are benchmarked correctly according to competitor products: Specifications and Price.

3. Incorporating special, value added features into the products to ensure differentiation.

4. Continually innovating and staying ahead of the market by planning 3-4 years ahead.

This is clearly illustrated by the below product development plan.

Product Development Plan

diamond_icon 2015

  • New Petrol/ Hybrid/ Electric range lawnmowers.
  • New development of pressure washers
  • Extension to 40V Hybrid cordless range
  • New electric – GT/ HT/ BV
  • New 10.8V Expand Cordless Range

diamond_icon 2016

  • New 2 stroke hand held range, full crankshaft option
  • New cylinder mower development

diamond_icon 2017

  • New 40V brushless – Semi Pro range

diamond_icon 2018

  • New Petrol Lawnmower decks