LMA Global is a fully-integrated Research, Sourcing and Export facilitation business specialising in private label products for major wholesalers and retailers across the globe. We have experience across a large variety of products and categories, which, together with our extensive global network and strong manufacturing relationships, allows us to offer complete, start to finish private label solutions.



Nothing is by chance and to deliver the best service and products to our customers we need to understand the markets in which they operate and what the end users expect out of their products. By developing and delivering products across the globe and by having the best manufacturing facilities available to LMA Global we are able to offer relevant market related new product opportunities. We work with our manufacturers across numerous countries to continually develop new, innovative products. This keeps us and more importantly our customers ahead of the market.



At LMA Global, we have invested heavily in developing long term relationships with a number of high end manufacturing facilities to ensure that we can deliver products our clients need.



The most challenging and stressful element of developing and sourcing products offshore is the ability to control the quality of your products and combine all the components and compliance certificates required to ship your product from the manufacturer to your distribution center. Our engineers on the ground, at the source, control both pre and post production quality, arrange all the necessary product compliance certifications and most importantly they will have your order shipped to you on-time.